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Videos of the Conferences

Meet the Innovators - July

In our latest edition of our Meet the Innovators series, we heard from two innovators in the first batch of our South Asia Innovation Programme.

Parth Patil - CEO of InfiniChains InfiniChains is a leading end-to-end track and trace solution using blockchain, AI and Cloud Computing to help brands and manufacturers to digitise sustainability practices. Through real-time data, efficiency and storytelling, they bridge the fragmented gaps between the different sustainability systems of farmers, manufacturers and brands.

Nurturing Global Blockchain at Horasis Global Meeting 2019, Cascais Portugal

Being Responsible for Blockchain Events - Horasis Extraordinary Meeting, October 1, 2020

Being Responsible for Blockchain Events: COVID-19 has highlighted weaknesses in global supply chains. Blockchains may offer solutions to increase greater transparency and end-to-end control along complex systems, thus fostering resiliency. How to use blockchain technologies to build transparent and connective supply chains? And how should governments legislate this new frontier?

Blockchain Hype to Production Networks : Production Business Applications & Networks

A virtual meetup hosted by Hyperledger Pune on Sep 25, 2020 featuring: Atul Patel, Co-founder dltledgers & Vice-chair Hyperledger Trade Finance SIG Gigo Joseph, VP Chainyard Parth Patil, CEO & Co-Founder , Infinichains Darshana Jain, CEO, Snapper Future Tech Sanachit Mehra, CEO & Founder, Cateina Technolgies